I have worked in the Building Envelope Construction industry for over 30 years on many prestigious global projects.  The majority of my experience being in the Production and Management of Design.

3D Design
3D Design

Throughout those years my duties have included:

  • Managing and planning all Design Office activities,
  • Managing CAD Technicians and Structural Engineers,
  • Attending Design Team Meetings with Clients/Architects/Contractors,
  • Reviewing detailed design drawings for submittal to the Design Team,
  • Working with the Design Team to provide Value Engineering,
  • Full involvement in the off Site Testing of Full Scale Mock Ups,
  • Reviewing fabrication drawings and schedules for manufacture,
  • Working with Production teams to improve the end product,
  • Providing Construction / Technical back up to the Site Teams.
  • Troubleshooting Design and Installation Issues. 

I have now set up my own Company with a view to undertake Façade Envelope Design work. The Services that “The-Feds” will be providing are as follows:

  • Concept Design
  • Choice of System and Specification
  • Design Review
  • Calculation Checks
  • Full Shop Drawing and Details
  • 3D Modelling.

For New Zealand Work, I have been given Provisional status on the Auckland Council Register to provide Producer Statements PS-1, PS-2 & PS -4.

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