Oman Airport

“The-Feds” was set up in order to undertake Façade Consultancy type work, both in New Zealand and in the Global marketplace.

The Services that “The-Feds” can provide include:

To the Architect:

Concept Design.
Choice of System and Specification.
Design Review.
Development of Details.
3D Modelling.
Calculation Checks.
Value Engineering.

To the Client:

Design Review.
Construction Monitoring.
Investigation and Troubleshooting of on-Site Issues.
Observation and Reporting of Water Testing to the appropriate Standards.

Specific to the New Zealand Client:

“The-Feds” are a Registered Peer Author with the Auckland Council, Registration Number # 3600,

and can provide:

PS1 Design & PS2 Design Review.

 PS4 Construction Monitoring.